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Real Estate Investing in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville currently has one of the best rental markets in the nation, but with it being the largest city land wise, it can be easy to get overwhelmed as to what neighborhoods to invest in and what neighborhoods to avoid. Approximatelt 44 percent of the city’s residents are renters. This makes it easy to see why many investors would be interested in the housing market in Jacksonville, FL. I have been working with many investors and researching the market trends and understand what are the new up and coming areas as well as what areas to avoid.

The articles below shed light on where future growth is expected and some market trends for Jacksonville as a whole.


Below are the most up and coming areas in Jacksonville where you can find a great deal and either rehab and flip or rehab, rent and refinance and continue to build up your portfolio of properties.

  1. Springfield
  2. Murray Hill
  3. Cedar Hills
  4. Hogan’s Creek
  5. LaVilla
  6. Brooklyn
  7. Northside

Below are the 10 neighborhoods you want to avoid. Some of them border some of the neighborhoods above you might be able to find something on the outer perimeter of these neighborhoods that will make a great investment property as well. Many investors will focus strictly on a zip code or neighborhood but it is important to get more granular and take it down to the block and cross streets.

These Are The 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Jacksonville For 2019

Many of the neighborhoods above are located in 32209. With 25 homicides recorded last year, 32209 more than doubled the next closest ZIP code’s homicide total. The 32210 ZIP code had 11 homicides, 32246 had 10, 32254 had nine and 32218 had eight.

However Hogan’s Creek is actually in 32209 but at the very southeast corner of it and represents on of the up and coming areas. What we will continue to see in the years to come is that the growth and rehab that we have seen in Springfield neighborhood will continue to expand outward into parts of these bad areas. How far it will expand will remain to be seen but as long as investors continue to invest and rehab, we should see quite a restoration of many parts of Jacksonville.

Are you looking to invest in rental properties in Jacksonville, FL? Call me today to talk and learn more about the possibilities.